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Joomla slide show and gallery modules.

Here are our best slideshow and gallery modules for joomla. Our focus is always on usability, simplicity and ability to modify the modules to fit your website. 

Download our free versions of galleries and slide shows and see if they suit you. Free versions do not have as many preferences as they full versions. 

We have three different modules for joomla that we hope will suit your needs. First up is our GoboSlide. This module is a slideshow that is mighty modifiable. Select the pictures you want to view, select the size, specify whether the image should be linked to a page or not. We recommend that you first try our free version of the module. 
Read more about GoboSlide here. 

jGalleria joomla gallery module
The next module is a gallery. It's called jGalleria and insert size, which images to be displayed and that's it. Thumbnails are created automatically. Try our free version first and see if this gallery is right for you. 
Read more about jGalleria here. 

Fotogalleri joomla photoon gallery modul
The last joomla component is a gallery. The gallery is called Photoon Gallery and is designed to make full Sides galleries in the simplest possible way. Just select the folder where your images are a menu item with your gallery is created. All thumbnails will be created by the component and you can select the size, frame, width and height of your thumbnails. And see the constituent itself to the big picture does not exceed the user's own screen. This component is ideal for photographs.
Read more about Photoon Gallery here.



Photoo Template


Slideshow Module

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Photo Gallery Component

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Sweet Abduction

Joomla template Sweet Abduction with Slideshow


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Media Prime

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