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Joomla Tips
Joomla on iPad and iPhone

What to think about when designing a joomla page that works on iPad.

Flash and iPad on joomla sites.

Joomla and Flash works great on a standard stationary computer, both osX and Windows. But neither iPad or iPhone can handle flash movies. So if you got a slideshow or a game on your joomla site it wont show up on a iPad. The solution for this is to use javascript, html5 or jQuery. You can see some gallery modules and slideshow modules here that work fine on both iPad and iPhone. The conclusion is: flash is a no-no. 

Mouse over effect.

Don't use mouse over effects on site that should work on iPad or iPhone. Why? Well, since both the pad and the phone uses a touch screen and there is simply no "mouse over" in these cases. This is especially important when you are designing the menu in the joomla site. 

Joomla iPad & iPhone applications:

There is some joomla applications out there. We have tried to list some of them, that we use our self. Enjoy.

VirtueMart on iphone and ipad for joomla

VirtueMart administrator

This app is very nice if you are running a VirtueMart web shop. VirtueMart Administrator is a packet-client of server applications.
Using this application Administrator is able to view and manage VirtueMart shops which work within CMS Joomla! module, and the visitors can view, search Products and make purchases at you e-Shop.

VirtueMart Administrator includes: 

* VirtueMart Viewer - allows visitors to View and Search Products 
* VirtueMart Updater - application with which Administrator is able to manage VirtueMart Products
* VirtueMart Administrator - application with extended functions with which Administrator is able to manage VirtueMart e-Shops.

VirtueMart on iphone and ipad for joomlaVirtueMart Administrator - d2:project

Joomla aministrator on ipad and iphone

Joomla admin mobile for iPad and iPhone

Joomla Admin Mobile! (JAM!) will allow you to manage and update many of the core features from multiple Joomla! 1.5 and 1.6 sites right from your iPhone! 
Have someone spamming your forums? Block them with the flip of a switch. Did a user email you that they forgot their password? Change it for them and send them an email to let them know. All without leaving the app!
Think you have no reason to 'administer' while on the go? JAM is also the perfect blogging app! Create new articles, set the title and category, and even upload images from your phone. It couldn't be easier.

JAM! allows you to manage these Joomla features:

* Manage unlimited Joomla! sites
* View/Add/Edit/Delete Joomla Articles w/ images
* View/Add/Edit/Delete Joomla Sections
* View/Add/Edit/Delete Joomla Categories
* View/Add/Edit Joomla Users
* View/Add/Edit/Delete Joomla Menus
* View/Edit/Delete Joomla Menu Items
* Pagination for all groups - You select how many articles, users, etc you fetch at a time
* Article filtering by section, category, or publishing status
* Edit and insert images into articles.

Joomla administrator on iphone and ipad for joomlaJoomla Admin Mobile! -

Joomla aministrator on ipad and iphone

Manage PayPal with iPhone or Ipad.

If you are running a joomla site and selling products (digital or psysical) you probably are using PayPal. Then there is a very nice app where you can manage you online payments from the site. 
This is PayMobile for iPhone, it bundles all of your PayPal accounts and transactions into one small package that you can take with you wherever you go.

If you depend on PayPal to run your business, put PayMobile into action and see just how easy tracking all of your accounts can be. With every balance listed right on the home screen, in the proper currency, you can keep track of your finances at a glance. And with two levels of password protection, it's super-secure.

From the home screen you can also add or edit accounts. Use the refresh button to update all the account balances and reflect any new activity. Select a specific account by tapping it, and you will see all recent transactions. For even more options, tap a transaction to view all of its details including the buyer's name, address, telephone number, amount of the transaction, purchased items and the unit of currency.

Use the filter feature to find a specific transaction or status. By setting your own criteria, you can download transactions from a specific buyer, or search all transactions for the last week, those that are completed, pending and more. Or simply search one of these categories:
•Start and End Date
•Transaction Class
•Buyer Email
•Buyer's Name (First or Last)•Currency
•Invoice Number
•eBay Auction Number
•Amount of Transaction

paypal on iphone and ipad for joomlaPayMobile - PayPal Manager - SIMEON MITEV

Insert a module in a article
The easiest way to achive this is to insert this into the article:
Insert this code into the article  loadposition joomla article
Go to -> Extensions -> Module Manager -> Edit the module you want
Insert module in article joomla
In position enter the module your typed before (in this case user666).
Finito, you now have a module in your article!
Quber - The best slideshow module for joomla

If you are looking for a good slideshow module for joomla, you can stop look now. Thwe awnser simply is Quber. It's a flash module that delivers amazing presentation of your images. Fully customazible. You can watch the demo or download it from (Quber site is down).

Try out our Joomla Slide show here.

Or check out our jDelight module at the beta corner.
Excellent site map for Joomla

Why use a site map? 

There are two types of sitemaps. The first type of sitemap is a HTML page listing the pages of your site and is meant to help users find the information they need.

The other type is the XML Sitemaps. They are a way for you to give Google information about your site. In simple terms, a sitemap is a list of all the pages on the site. 

Creating and submitting a sitemap helps Google (and other search engines) to include all your pages, even those that mau not be discovered by Google's normal crawling process.

So, it's a god thing. And the best sitemap today for Joomla is the Xmap by Vargas. And it it works flaulessly with Google Webmaster Tools.

How to earn money on your joomla web page

There are a lot of ways to earn money on your webpage or blog. How much you earn is dependable of these three factors:

First factor is your traffic

How many visitors do you have each month? If you have one hundred you probably earn less than a web site that has ten thousand visitors.

Second factor is how you earn money.


The quick and easy way is to sign up for Google Adsense. It’s not so much money in this, but it’s the easy way out. You get money whenever someone is clicking your ads. Here you find modules that help you set up Adsense in joomla.

Affiliate Programs

This is what we would recommend. You get paid by clicks or by sale. If it is by sale you get a fixed procent of the sale done thru the ads on your site. There is a lot of affiliate programs, all of them are free to sign up on. So, check out these programs and choice some ads that apply to your visitors.

Zanox Affiliate
(US and International)
TradeDoubler Affiliate
(Europe only)


You can start your own web shop and sell things. This is the hardest way to make money, but you will keep all the profit for yourself. One word of advice if you are going to start a web shop: sell stuff that you like or are interested in. It makes it all easier and you will be able to answer questions from customer better. If you don’t want to have all the wares in your garage,

Third factor is target group.

The target group is your visitors. If you have a web site about computer parts, you have a very specific target group. And to choice ads that apply to them is easy (computer related ads). But if you have a web site with funny movie clips from YouTube, then it’s harder to pick your target group. Now you have to test back and forth and see what works. Maybe it’s DVD-movies, books or fashion.


Since all of the above is free, just try! If you don’t make any money, try something else. And you won’t be a millionaire the first month. You have to work to get more traffic to your site, and more traffic is often more money.

Good luck!


Free & legal music in Joomla
There is a way to have any music you want on your Joomla site (or any site actually). The solution is GrooveShark. It is an compeditor to Spotify, but it's open to the whole world and allows you to embed playlists or songs to your webpage.
First you need to create the playlist. go to
Then just copy the code that the site generates and paste the code into an article or a module. Use the "html"-mode to paste it.
Finished! Here you see an example with our favorite songs. Press play on tape. :)
SEO - Header tags in article title

Heading tags in article title.

Joomla has an disadvantage and it is a seo problem. There is no way to add a <h1>, <h2> or other heading tag to the article titles strait out of the box. This can be achived throw a plug in called "Add header tags to article titles". The title of this plug-in is bullet proof and it do exactly what it says.

You can find this nice plugin here.
You should also read this book on Search Engine Optimizing.
Speed up the administration in Joomla
The backend in Joomla can be really slow sometimes, and that is the biggest downside with joomla. But there is a great way to speed up Joomla administration. Thanks to (the genius) Phil Taylor and GoogleGears, there is a FREE extension. Its called "TurboGears for Joomla" and can be found here: (the extension)
GoogleGears (you need this to, also free)

So, download and speed up joomla!

Backup your Joomla site

Here are some examples why to make backup's: 

  • Joomla sites gets hacked. This happens alot, i know. I got 6 sites and 2 of them have been hacked, several times. The joomla community tries to fill the security holes allt the times and they are doing a good job. But still new holes are exploited.
  • Fast way to set up a new joomla site. I keep an clean install of joomla as a backup, and when i set up a new site i just use that backup to fast get it up and running. Way faster then to put all the joomla files up with an ftp.
  • User misstakes. If you set up a joomla site for a customer (or friend) that isnt that good with joomla, they can easily mess up things. An backup is a easy way to restore what has been "destroyed".  
There is a terrific extension out there you should have. It is called JoomlaPack. Easy, fast and clean. I love it. One of the best ways to store these crucial files is to use Dropbox.   

Get JoomlaPack here:
No-follow on weblinks

Why get rid of the follow links in the weblinks?
Well, page rank is one of the barebones of google and if you want to strike on the top you want to get a high page rank. And if you have alot of weblinks your page rank will "leak" to these sites. Rel="nofollow" is the key here. We have been looking for a good module/plugin/componen to fix the leaking of page rank, but with no result. It seems like the only way is to hack joomla in order to fix this.

Go to com_weblinks folder and edit weblinks.html.php

Change this code:
// open in a new window
               $item->link = '<a href="'. $link .'" target="_blank"  class="'. $menuclass .'">'. $this->escape($item->title) .'</a>';


To this code:
// open in a new window
               $item->link = '<a href="'. $link .'" target="_blank" rel="nofollow" class="'. $menuclass .'">'. $this->escape($item->title) .'</a>';


If you set your links to open in new browser they will now be no follow. 

Easy backup of your work
A good advice is to have your working filers (php, html, images and such) on a externaly space. If your computer and/or harddrive crash, your work will be safe. One of the best ways to store these crucial files is to use Dropbox. You will get 2gb of free cloud space for the files and you can read, edit and look at the files from any computer, iphone, ipad or android device. It connects both throu the website and applications. You can even work directly on the dropbox on your computer, just like any folder on your computer.


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